HOW TO: Make a Baby Bib.

Watch this vid on Youtube!

Buying baby bibs can be an expensive thing to do, especially if your little one goes through as many as mine does! With dribbles, bottles and baby food we can easily go through 6 or more in a day! So instead of paying a fortune I figured out how to use my limited sewing experience to create a baby bib.

With a few easy steps you can also sew bibs for your baby, or even as a nice handmade gift for friends.

Remember when making these, they don’t need to be perfect, your baby won’t know! All they need to do is help your messy little one stay clean! You will find the simple instructions and free printable patterns and feel free to pop over to our Facebook page and tell us how you went! We would love to see a photo!

Remember to also find our video on YouTube for a live tutorial of this easy pattern to make.

Step 1:

Choose your fabrics! I buy towels from IKEA as they are inexpensive, and fabric from spotlight. You can choose a cotton poplin or a flannelette, both work well. From half a metre of fabric I usually get four bibs, two large and two small. Place your decorative fabric right side down ontop of your towel.

Step 2:

Place your pattern on top, you can either use an existing bib you have that you like the shape of, or, you can print the free patterns I have provided. Pin to the fabric to make it easy for cutting.

Step 3:

Cut it out. It may help you to pin the two sides together whilst sewing to prevent the fabrics slipping.

Step 4:

Sew around the outside, leaving a 5cm opening to turn the bib the right way out.

Step 5:

Trim excess fabric from the seams, snip small cuts in any round sections to ensure the bib sits flat when turned in the right way.

Step 6:

Turn the bib right side out and pull gently at the seam to ensure it is fully turned out. Find the opening and push any fabric in to make a straight join that looks neat. Iron the bib.

Step 7:

Stitch neatly around the edge, ensureing to close up the opening where you turned the bib right side out.

Step 8:

Cut small strips of velcro and pin one to each side of the bib before sewing around the outside. Snip any excess velcro off and your bib is now complete!

So now you have sewn your very first bib, it’s time to sew some more!

Here are the patterns: Large Baby Bib 1 Large Baby Bib 2Medium Baby Bib 1Small Baby Bib 1Small Baby Bib 2

Here is the link to Youtube: How To Make a baby bib

Here is the link to Facebook to share your finished product: DP Kids Facebook

Finished product on my little cutie! As you can see the larger bib pattern gives great coverage for meal times.


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