Farm Animals Finger Puppets

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For some reason Roland is convinced that horses are cows and they say moo! And today he told me a sheep was a cow. Maybe cows are his favourite animal and I’m oblivious to this, but I thought just in case, we will play some fun games and see if I can change his mind about what cows look like and what horses say. So I thought to make his learning fun I would create some farm animal finger puppets that we can use in many ways!

To make your puppets it’s really simple. Print out the stencil from the bottom of the page and follow these steps!

Print, colour and cut out each animal. Using a glue stick paste each one into a thin piece of card or even a coloured piece of paper will do.

Cut around each animal again and then stick onto a paddle pop stick, paper roll, straw or using a small rectangle of matching paper or card to make a circle that fits on your finger.

Now your animals are ready to go let’s look at some games and songs!

Old MacDonald had a farm: Sing the song to your little one and hold up each animal finger puppet when you say, “and on this farm he had a”, pausing when it’s time to say the animals name allowing your child to fill in the blank. If they get it wrong, don’t worry, just tell them, “close, its a (insert correct animal here)”. Also pause after saying, “with a” and allow your little one to tell you the sound.  This gives your child the ability to share their knowledge with you and also offers you the chance to praise them when they get it correct. Through pausing it prompts them that you expect them to say something and join in as well as role models turn taking. Who would have thought such a simple game could teach so many things!

  • Old MacDonald had a farm, e, i, e, i, o.
  • And on that farm he had a cow! e, i, e, i, o.
  • With a moo, moo here and a moo, moo there.
  • Here a moo, there a moo. Everywhere a moo, moo.
  • Old MacDonald had a farm, e, i, e, i, o!

Where is Cow?: Sung to the tune of ‘where is thumbkin’. Make two sets of farm animal finger puppets and place them on opposite hands behind your back. Start singing and bring each animal out saying the animal name instead of the finger like in the song. At the end instead of singing ‘run away’, sing the animal sounds like in the ‘cow’ example below.

  • Where is cow? Where is cow?
  • Here I am! Here I am!
  • How are you today cow? Very well I thank you!
  • Moo, Moo, Moo. Moo, Moo, Moo.

The Cow on the Farm Says: Sung to the tune of ‘wheels on the bus’. Using one set of the farm animals finger puppets hold up one at a time and ask “which animal is this”? When your little one replies sing in response the tune, pausing before saying the sound of the animal, allowing your child to respond with the answer.

  • The cow on the farm says, “moo, moo, moo”
  • “moo, moo, moo”, “moo, moo, moo”
  • The cow on the farm says, “moo, moo, moo”
  • All day long!

Now you have a few farm animal songs to get you started, go and have some fun with your little one and head over to my DP Kids Facebook page where I would love to see some photos of you both at play!

Also check out my YouTube channel where you can see a video of this blog as well as other great videos!

Print your free stencil here: Farm Animals


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