How To: Sew a Superhero Cape!

Roland really isn’t into superheroes yet, but he loves running fast and pretending to be Lightning McQueen. He stands in the kitchen and says, “ready mummy” to which the correct response is, “he’s faster than fast, quicker than quick, here’s Lightning”! So I came across some cars fabric a while ago and I bought it, but didn’t know what to use it for. Well it finally came to me! Why not make a Cars superhero cape to help “Lightning” run super fast! I think it is something he will really love and anything that encourages our little ones to be active can only be a good thing!

So let’s get sewing!

First print out the free pattern and directions here: Cape pattern, Cape instructions.

Now you have your printed pattern pieces, cut them out and stick them together as indicated on the page and as shown in the photos below. For the bottom section, cut two pieces that are 60 centimetres wide and as long as your child may need for height. My sons is 60cm wide by 70cm long. Place the printed pattern piece on your chosen fabric that is doubled over, right sides together and pin into place. Cut around the outside, remove the pattern piece and pin the fabric so both sides stay in place whilst you sew.

Sew around the outside, leaving the long straight side open. Then make small snips in the curves  making sure not to cut through the stitching before turning right side out and ironing.

Once ironed, fold the fabric on the long open section up inside roughly one centimetre and iron again. This is where you will insert the cape section. Set aside and begin working on the cape section.

Place your fabric for the cape section right sides together and pin in place. Sew around the outside leaving the side that will be the top open. Snip the corners off, turn right side out and iron. Place the cape section in front of you with the top side facing up and the side you want to see once worn on top facing you. Following the pattern use pins to mark where your fold will go to create pleats and then fold the fabric to create them as shown in the picture below. Check that the top of your cape’s measurement matches the opening of the first section you created and if not, adjust the pleats slightly to make it fit.

Now you will need to put the top of the cape section inside the bottom of the top section and carefully pin in place to ensure when you lift it the pleats stay in place. Turn it over and check that all fabric is encased in the top section before slowly sewing across twice.

The last step is to sew some velcro on the neck opening or a pop stud if you have chosen to use one.

Congratulations! Your cape is now done and not only does it look wonderful, your child will think its the best thing you have made yet!

Make sure to head over to DP Kids Facebook and share a picture of your little one wearing and playing in their new superhero cape!

Also watch me sew this on my YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe for future projects!



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