5 Ways to Paint With Your Toddler.

Watch Roland on YouTube testing these painting methods out.

Painting is alot of fun for children of all ages, but are you sick of just handing them a brush and saying go for it? Let me share with you five different ways for toddlers to explore paint!

But first, some good painting tips:

  • Use a painting shirt for quick clean up. You can use an old shirt you have at home or buy one from a store. In warm weather painting in the nude is fun too!
  • Keep baby wipes close by for those messy hands. Saves your walls and furniture from getting paint on them!
  • Be inventive! Children can paint with almost anything!
  • Buy big rolls of paper that you can just cut off how much you need.
  • Finished paintings make great gift wrap.
  • Use sticky tape to secure the paper to your kitchen bench. Water based acrylic wipes right off.

Balloon Stamping

Fill a balloon with a small amount of water and then blow up and tie off. Dip in paint on a lid and stamp on the page. If using different colours, watch as the colours mix together to create new colours.

Car Printing

On a plastic lid place some paint and using a car from your child’s collection roll it back and forth a few times to pick up the paint. Then roll it across the paper and watch as different car tyres leave interesting prints. Choose cars that have interesting tyres and are easy to clean.

String Painting

Grab a peg from the line and use it to pinch some wool or string in a small bunch. Dip this in paint on a tray and use it to mark the paper. It leaves very interesting patterns behind, and the children like seeing the paint drip. Water down some acrylic paint to make it easier.

Cookie Cutter Stamping

Collect some of your cookie cutters and place them on a tray with paint on it. Stamp the cookie cutters on you page and see what patterns you can make.

Sponge Painting

Cut up some kitchen sponge and sandwich in a peg. You can water down the paint or leave it as it is. The children can stamp with it or use it to make lines and patterns.

Have fun trying some new painting methods and be sure to head to our DP Kids Facebook page and share a picture of your little one busy at play!

Hope over to our YouTube channel and watch Roland enjoying testing these out!


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