What’s in my Baby Bag?

Ever wondered what other people keep in their baby bag, either from curiosity or because you want some ideas for your own baby bag? Well today is your lucky day! I’m going to share with you what is inside my baby bag and I would love to hear from you anything different that you might keep in yours! Watch Sterling and I unpack ours here.

I have the Ju Ju Be, Be Right Back, in The Admiral. The bag is water proof which is great because as everyone knows getting kids in and out of the car in the rain can be a soaking experience. As a brand Ju Ju Be is hard to come across in Australia but you can find a few stockists online with minimal stock or you could purchase through eBay, which works out to be very costly. Hopefully in the future this company will make it more affordable for Australians to purchase their products!

The thing I love about my baby bag is there is a compartment for everything. That way if you are like me, you can be organised and know exactly where to find what you are looking for with ease. Inside my bag I also have little pouches which make it even easier as I just need to reach inside and take out the specific pouch that I’m looking for. So if Sterling needs a nappy change, I take the one with all the nappy stuff and the change pad and I don’t have to rummage through my bag while trying to change his nappy. So let’s make a list!

The entire contents of my bag:

  • Long front pocket: kids hats.
  • Front “mummy” pocket: sunglasses, pen, purse, phone, keys.
  • Small front pocket: lip gloss, tissues.
  • Top pocket: baby panadol, emergency snacks, bandaids, sun cream, bug repellent.
  • Main large compartment: “Bum” pouch with nappies, wipes, plastic bags, nappy cream. “Spare clothes” pouch with trackies, socks, singlet and long sleeve shirt for Bub. “Bottle” pouch with a hot bottle and formula, bib, teething toys and bickies for Bub. Mini snack yumbox.
  • Back long pocket: change mat and both boys red books.

Everything I have in my bag is something I actually use when I’m out. Well all except the baby panadol, which in both of my children’s lives I have not yet been out and thought that they have needed panadol. Im not the type to carry with me things I don’t need and I also hate having to look through an entire bag to find what I’m looking for. Packing my bag in this way means no stress while I’m out and about with two little ones.

In my car I also keep towels, spare nappies and wipes. Just incase we should randomly go swimming or any other reason that towels may come in handy. I use my boot as a nappy change table quite often so having nappies and wipes handy there makes life easier.

Each time I go out I add the bottles and food that I might need, as well as fresh water bottles and checking I still have enough nappies. I always heat the baby bottle water before going out because I find it can be a pain to find somewhere to heat baby bottles when you are on the run. Realistically though, if I am out and have forgotten something it’s not the end of the world, I can either buy food or water, or just come home.

Hopefully this post is of some help and if you carry something with you that comes in handy that I don’t, pop over to my DP Kids Facebook page and let me know!

You can watch Sterling and I on our Youtube channel unpacking our bag as well!


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