The Super Easy Preschool Busy Book.

Preparing our kids for school is something that is important to everyone. And whilst this post is placing an emphasis on academic preparation, any good prep teacher would tell you they are not the most important skills for your child to have, that sharing, being able to say goodbye to your family in the morning, dressing and toileting yourself and being able to open your lunch are really the skills to be focused on. So have fun with your little one with the book, but don’t put pressure for them to get it all right. If they are interested and want to learn, great! If not, pop it away for another day and try again.

So with that said what is the preschool busy book? Well, its a collection of name, colour, shape and number recognition exercises, prewriting skills stencils, classification and sorting tasks. Being able to learn, is something we actually learn from a young age. Like sitting and crawling is a building block to walking, reading and writing also have building blocks that your child will need. Pre writing and reading skills include scribbling, holding a pencil correctly, making shapes on a page, following lines that are straight, curved or zig zagged, making closed circles and understanding that print has a purpose, an interest in reading, concentration span to sit and listen to a story being read, just to name a few! Like all skills we conquer, when you break it down, one skill, such as reading, is actually a culmination of many!

I am currently making and selling these books but am happy to share the non personalised pages for you to print and use. If you would like to purchase a DP Kids Preschool Busy Book please contact me for details through the contact page, they are $40 with $10 postage, but if you live locally you are welcome to collect.

Here are the free printables:

I hope you enjoy making your own busy book, and as always, we would love to see a photo over on our DP Kids Facebook page!


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