The Mystery Box!

Children love surprises, it’s a fact. So why not create a way that they can get that sense of surprise, when secretly they are learning. Roland is a little young to fully participate in the concept of this game however we gave it a go as everyone starts somewhere.

All you need is a box with a hole in the top and some everyday household items. I used a tissue box, glued some scrunched up wrapping paper I found to it and then re cut open the hole in the top. For our items we used a comb, a spoon, a toothbrush, a stamp, a toy car, a small ball and a plastic strawberry.

Playing is easy. You ask your little one to cover their eyes while you place an object that you had hidden inside. Then ask them to reach inside and guess what it is. Ask questions like how does it feel? Is it hard or soft, smooth or rough, big or small? Does it make a noise or is it quiet? By asking all these questions they are learning how to describe an item, they are learning new words but at the same time they are just having fun!


As children get older if they are familiar with the guessing box it is an easy transition to ‘I spy’ or ‘I can see something that is …’. It can be a positive way to reinforce that learning is fun and can also build natural curiosity in the world and objects around them.

If you have a go of this one with your little one, pop over to our DP Kids Facebook page and share a photo!

If you enjoy playing games with your little one, why not check out this blog post too! Toddler Action Songs!


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