How To Sew Bunting.

You can watch this on YouTube!

For Roland’s first birthday I went crazy sewing metre after metre of bunting to decorate our back yard. It’s super easy and quick, and was a nice way to personalise the yard to match his Old MacDonald farm birthday theme. It can be very expensive though, depending on the fabric and bias binding you choose, but if you want to keep it cheap, choose a simple poplin or even some calico would look great. Bunting can be a really cute way to decorate any space, and gives a fun feel to a nursery, child’s room or even in the workplace!

So let’s look at what we need! It’s simple really, the fabric of your choice and some bias binding that is 25 millimetres wide and 3 meters long. To make 3 meters of bunting a meter of fabric will be plenty. Either half a metre of 2 different fabrics or 1 metre of the same fabric. You could also fold over some ribbon instead of using bias binding.

Step 1: Lay your fabrics right side together and measure from the top, down 20 centimetres. Mark 20cm all the way along and then draw a straight line across from one side to the other where 20cm is marked. Then cut along this line. You will now have a 20cm wide strip.

Step 2: Along the line you just measured make a mark at 10cm and then every 20cm from there all the way along. At the top of the fabric, measure and make a mark at 20cm, and then mark every 20cm from there. You will notice that your marks don’t match up and when you trace between them it will create the triangles you need for your bunting. Trace along them and then cut along them.

Step 3: Sew along the lines you just cut, leaving the sides you didn’t cut to create an opening. Trim the top point of the triangle and any excess fabric near the point to ensure it lays as flat as possible when turned in the correct way. Turn the triangles in the right way out and iron.

Step 4: Trim the top of the triangles to ensure they are even before encasing them in the bias binding.

Step 5: Measure 30cm from the start of the bias binding and place a pin. Fold it in half from the start and sew together until you reach the pin. Remove the pin and insert the top of the triangle into the biased binding and continue to sew. When you get to the end of the first triangle, insert another one as close as possible and keep sewing. Continue to do this until all the triangles are sewn into the bunting. Ensure to leave 30cm from the end of the binding with no triangles to leave room for tying. Sew all the way to the end. Trim any excess threads and tie knots in the ends.

Your bunting is now complete! Well done! So quick and easy to create a decorative touch to any occasion.

If you make this bunting we would love to see a photo over on my DP Kids Facebook page!

If you would like to watch a video of me making this bunting head over to my YouTube channel!


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