Celebrating Children’s Birthdays the Inexpensive way!

You want to make your children’s birthdays something really special, something that they will remember but most importantly something that won’t break the bank. When we celebrate our child’s coming into existence it reinforces to them how important they are to their family, however doing this on a small budget can be just as fun and memorable as celebrating on a large one.

Roland’s second birthday, fun in the park and a home made cake was all he needed for his special day.

So how can we celebrate in a way that is inexpensive and fun? Here are my top 5 favourite, simple and cheap birthday celebration ideas!

1. Streamers and balloons can be purchased really cheaply from your local cheap shop.  Decorate your house or sneak into your little ones bedroom while they sleep for a morning surprise. Watch as they run around the house and kick and throw the balloons, children just can’t resist them! This year I’m looking forward to surprising Roland by sticking streamers and balloons across his bedroom door so that when he opens it on his birthday morning they all tumble down on him in a big ‘happy birthday’ morning surprise!

2. Jelly and fairy bread or any party food that your child loves can be made the night before for a special birthday lunch. We don’t let them eat party food unless it’s a special occasion so why not have all the ‘sometimes’ foods on their special day! You can have a picnic in the backyard or local park, keep it just you and your little one or invite a few little friends to play.

3. Dance party! Turn your lounge room into a dance party by adding the balloons and streamers, closing the blinds and blaring your little ones favourite songs. You could get out the christmas fairy lights or any other twinkle lights you might already have to add some disco sparkle, or even blow some bubbles to add to the party atmosphere.

4. Face painting adds some inexpensive fun to any birthday. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive face paints, you can usually find some at the cheap shop or you can just use some acrylic paints that are water based and non toxic. You don’t need to be an amazing artist, let your little one paint your face and even their own whilst looking in the mirror, just like everything else when they are young, it’s the process not the end product that is important!

5. A water play day is a great way to have fun and stay cool if your little ones birthday is in the hotter months. You can fill up several tubs, have a sprinkler or a slip and slide and for extra fun add a few drops of food colouring and detergent to the tubs for bubbles galore! From the kitchen you can add bowls, cups and containers or any item from the house that will make for fun with bubbles and water. Give the birthday child the hose and watch them laugh as they hose everyone in their way!

We even celebrate our fur kids birthdays!

Birthdays can be really inexpensive because the most important thing is fun and we can all find fun in the simplest of things. Here are a few more quick ideas: birthday candles in every meal they have that day, balloons in the bath tub, video chats from family and friends singing happy birthday or even just letting them make all choices for the day “because it’s their birthday”.

I would love to see you celebrating your little ones birthdays over on myDP Kids Facebook page!

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