Baby Breakfast Ideas.

Coming up with baby breakfast ideas can be hard. We want to give our babies different foods to try that are tasty, yet healthy, and foods that also encourage them to try new foods and textures as well. Let me make it easy for you by sharing what Sterling’s favourite breakfasts are as well as a few simple recipes to get you started. Some are quick to make before they are eaten, others need some simple preparation before breakfast time comes, but all will be enjoyed by your little one and probably the rest of the family too!

Here are Sterling’s favourite breakfasts!

At number one we have oats and fruits! He will eat this everyday, even if he has one of the other breakfasts as well. It’s probably his favourite meal everyday, as it’s the only meal he ever finishes fully.

Click here for the recipe: Baby Oats with Banana and Apple

Eggs and toast are quick and easy option which is great for those cold mornings to warm them up. I crack an egg in a cup, add a splash of milk and a pinch of grated cheese before adding to a small non stick pan. Stir until scrambled and completely cooked, serve with some toast cut however your little one likes it. You could also prepare boiled eggs the night before, and serve cold or warm slightly in the microwave or even crack and fry an egg and cut it up too.

Farex and fruits are a great back up when you are short in time. I usually have some frozen puréed fruits ready to go and I mix these with a wheat farex and some boiled water to get the right consistency. Sterling seems to like it and prefers this option over weetbix, which he will never eat when offered.

Toast and toppings, anything can be put on top of toast! Mashed fruits, puréed veg and meat, avocado, egg, cheese, regular spreads like Vegemite or peanut butter, or even a slightly slice of ham!

Pancakes and fresh fruit slices make a nice change from eating cereal and toast everyday. You can serve like this with fruit slices or you could mash the fruit and spread on top, or even mix the mash fruit into the pancake batter and then cook it.
Yoghurt is a yummy filling breakfast too, again it can be served with fruit slices or a fruit purée, and if you choose a Greek yogurt you know it will be healthy and full of goodness.

If you have any other amazing breakfasts please pop on over to my DP Kids Facebook page and let me know!

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