HUGE Announcement!! And I mean HUGE!

Today I am proud to announce that the DP Kids Shop is coming soon!

The DP Kids-3

Our grand opening will be Friday 4th August at 9am, ready for our fabulous customers to shop till they drop!

To prepare for our opening you can pop on over to our DP Kids Shop and enter your email address, ready to receive your welcoming email with a grand opening discount!

You can also head to our DP Kids Facebook page and give it a like to see future competitions, product announcements and keep up to date with all DP Kids news!

About DP Kids

DP Kids was born through my want to stay at home and be a mum. I began with blogging, and sharing all the things I love to do as a mum, and also as a way to share the 17 years experience I have had as an early childhood educator. I found whilst writing a blog is useful and fun, and gives me an outlet to express myself, it doesn’t really help me support my family and provide for my children.

So the Dp Kids Shop came to be. I want to sell things I love, things that my children will love and wear, and as I only have sons, picking out girls clothes to stock is a fun change from selecting shorts and shirts!

I hope that in my shop you find a great online shopping experience, that offers you choice and great customer service. Something to dress your gorgeous little one in or something for them to play with and strengthen their developing body and mind.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require assistance at

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to having you as one of our very special customers.



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