How to Plan a Children’s Birthday Party.

So it’s your littles ones birthday coming up and you want to celebrate it but the thought of a party seems overwhelming. Let me tell you, it can be simple to plan, easy and stress free on the day if you are organised and know what to really focus on. So let’s get started!

A pre-party solo jump for the birthday boy.


Make a list of who you want to invite and hand out invitations 3 weeks before the party date, allowing your guests a week to RSVP before the party. Your invitations can be simple, purchase them from your local shop, if you have a theme you could order some personalised ones from Ebay or vista print, or if you are crafty you could make them yourself. Handing out invitations and asking for a RSVP a week before the party ensures it is fresh in their minds and you have a good idea of who will be attending. This helps to cut down costs on things like food and party favours, and even helps you work out how many layers to wrap around the “pass the parcel”!


Decorations really aren’t a must have, so if money is tight leave them off your list. For Roland’s first birthday I went mad sewing bunting and making signs and no one but me probably remembers them. So now I like to keep it simple, balloons tied in bunches, a bought happy birthday sign, and that’s it. At the cheap shop you can buy blow up letters so you could spell out your child’s name, or if you like helium balloons you could order them from your local party shop, streamers are also a great way to give a festive feel to a space.


img_5623Food is probably the most time consuming part of any party however if you keep it “party food” only all you need is an oven on the day. This year for Roland’s 3rd birthday I made mini cupcakes, chocolate crackles and fairy floss the night before. On the day I heated in the oven nuggets, party pies, sausage rolls, fish fingers and puff dogs. I cooked on the stove top mini frankfurters and also popped some popcorn. Add chips and lollies and you are done! You can have everything in the oven ready to go, turning it on an hour before you want to serve it on a lower heat and the rest of the food can be set out and covered before the party starts. For drinks we buy cans, water and poppers and put them out in tubs of ice, and people can help themselves with whatever they like to drink.

Entertainment and Games

Each party I think about what Roland and soon Sterling is interested in and I let that guide me when choosing entertainment. Roland’s first birthday was a farm theme so we had a little petting farm come, his second birthday he was obsessed with singing “Wheels on the Bus” so we had a lady who played guitar and run children’s music time come and sing with the children. This year he is obsessed with Lightning McQueen so we went with a jumping castle. I like having something like this to entertain the kids, that way they are busy and I only need to worry about food and making sure everyone has whatever they may need. I usually also do pass the parcel which is a great segway to cake as the children are all gathered in the same spot.

The Cake

I like to make the birthday cake myself and also enjoy making my nephews cakes. They don’t need to be super fancy, children don’t really care. They more love having everyone singing to them and of course blowing out the candles. Google has a huge amount of inspiration for any theme you may be doing however I find that the easiest to do is making a simple square or round cake and finding something to put on top. Last year I did monster trucks or on my nephews a digger with broken up flakes. For Roland’s birthday this year he asked for ice cream and smarties so I ended up ordering a cake as I thought making an ice cream cake might be too much for me.

So hopefully you can now rest easy and know that birthday parties can be very simple as long as you work out what is necessary. Being organised is probably the most important thing and not overspending on unnecessary items is a big part too. I love making lists of things to do and then crossing them off as they are done and to make it easier I start doing things in the week before with tasks like cleaning the house in areas that may be cluttered, or organising the back yard.

I would love to see photos of your little ones birthday party! Inspiration is never frowned upon so pop over to my DP Kids Blog Facebook page and share your pics and why not like my page to stay up to date with my blog!

Roland after his 3rd birthday party. He slept while we partied on!

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