What you actually need for a newborn baby.

1509501379277You have a bundle of joy on the way and you have seen and read a million lists telling you what you must have for your newborn baby. However they are all contradicting each other and some include items like pee pee teepee’s or wipe warmers and you aren’t sure if you need or will use these. Let me give you a list of what you will actually need and use, instead of one that encourages you to waste money on products you will never use.

Feeding Baby

If you are going to breast feed, you luckily already have what you will need to feed your baby, and you will save yourself a lot of time standing at that sink. It is a good idea to get yourself some lanolin nipple balm which is great for helping keep your nipples in good condition and is soothing if your bub likes to feed alot and your breasts are getting sore. I also like hydrogel breast discs and kept them in the fridge for instant soothing relief. These can’t be used at the same time as lanolin, however feel really good when your boobs are sore! (Here is a link to the Australian Breast Feeding Association)

 If you are bottle feeding, I recommend getting 8 bottles, this way if you are like me and hate washing up you have enough bottles to last a 24 hour period. Don’t waste your money on buying the small bottles, just buy the regular ones with a slow flow teat as the small ones will only last maybe 3 months as babies appetites grow very quickly. You will also need a bottle brush and if you wish to sterilise them after washing with warm soapy water and rinsing, a steam steriliser for the microwave or an electric one. When going out it is easier to heat the water at home and use an insulated bottle bag with a separate formula container. This way no matter where you go you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how you are going to heat your bottles when bub gets hungry.

You can read about safe preparation of bottles and formula in this publication written by the world health organisation: How to prepare formula for bottle feeding at home.

Bathing baby

You may have seen our earlier post on how to bath a baby, so if you need some help with the best way to do this click here. In the post I also explain what I use each item for and why I think they are necessary.

Here are the items you will need:

  • 2 towels, cotton balls, 2 washers, baby wash, a baby bath with stand. Alternatively you can put the bath on your kitchen bench, or use the kitchen sink or laundry tub!


Winter BabyDepending on the season your baby is born in you will need different types of clothing. I have had both a winter baby and a summer baby so I feel I can guide you well when choosing clothes for both a cold and hot season. I also keep enough clothing so that I can go a week without washing, so if you wash more often you could buy less clothing than I suggest. I also like to dress babies for comfort and cuteness rather than just cuteness, so you wont find jeans or head bands on my list.

Winter baby: In winter it is better to layer clothing so you can easily add a layer or remove a layer depending on the weather. Both my boys were wrapped when they slept so they didn’t need thick polar fleece onesies on those cold nights. So I had in their wardrobe: 7 singlets, 10 onesies, 4 pairs tights, 4 long-sleeved shirts, 4 pairs socks, 1 beanie, 2 jumpers.

Summer baby: In QLD summer is HOT! So my boys both did not wear much more than a singlet or a singlet suit. For going out I would add a nappy cover or cotton shorts and they slept in short-sleeved onesies or just a singlet suit. For summer I recommend: 7 singlets, 4 pairs cotton shorts, 7 singlets suits and 7 light short-sleeved onesies. My

Other Essential Items

Bedding and blankets: For the cot you will need 2 sets of fitted cot sheets and 2 cotton blankets. If you don’t want to use blankets sleeping bags are fantastic and they also give bub that sense of security. Here is a link to safe sleeping practices for babies from Red Nose Australia. Safe sleeping practices are extremely important to keep your little one safe and Red Nose Australia will have all the information you will need to make educated decisions on how to sleep your baby safely.


Car seats: All seats sold in Australia meet our safety standards so as long as you choose a seat that specifies on the box what age or weight it is to be used for and follow that you will have your baby travelling safely. Some people prefer to use a capsule and you can get a stroller/capsule combo that works together. I personally find babies get hot very quickly when using these with the stroller, and it isn’t recommended that babies sit in this position for long periods of time. I prefer using a car seat that covers from birth to 4 years and taking bub out and using the stroller instead. Here is a link that will help you make the right choice for your little one. Childcarseats is an initiative of the Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP), a consortium of government agencies and motorist organisations who share a common interest in improving safety for children travelling in vehicles.

Strollers: There are so many strollers to choose from it seems impossible to pick! I’ll tell you what I do and don’t like and why and then you can either use or ignore my opinion when making a choice for you. I would seriously recommend staying away from the three wheelers. They can easily tip when trying to get up stairs and can be impossible to wrangle at times. I also think you need a stroller that reclines as babies often need to sleep while you are out and about and when they are newborns, laying down is all they can do. Choosing a stroller that could have another seat attached in the future is a good idea, so if your family grows you don’t have to buy a completely new stroller you can just add a seat. I wouldn’t waste your money on a bassinet attachment as your baby might use it for 4 months which to me is a waste of money and then you have to figure out where to store it. (remember, babies grow quickly out of all their things so storage can become a nightmare in your home). Picking a stroller that fits in your boot is helpful and dont be afraid to ask if you can take a demo stroller out and try it! Other than these tips, pick one that can easily be pushed with one hand, and is as light as you can find because lifting it in and out of the boot each day can get to be a pain.

You will also need things like a baby bag to carry your essentials around with you, scissors to cut bubs fingernails, nappy creams, baby wash and a baby brush. Remember that once bub arrives you can always purchase the extra items you feel you may need but I belive this list is really the necessities.

Thank you for reading today, if you have any questions please send them to me via our contact page or head to my DP Kids Blog Facebook and ask away!

Please note I have no affiliation with the products that you see pictured on this blog post, as always I am sharing what products I love and my boys are Bonds babies!




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