Cheap days out: Public Transport

When you are at home with your little ones, money is often tight and thinking of things to do with them that doesn’t cost a fortune can be difficult. So I thought I would share with you some of the cheap days out that I like to do with my kids and no matter where you live in the world you will be able to do these too! Today I will talk about public transport.

Roland is mad for all things public transport and the best part of that is children under 5 travel free! Public transport used to be just for getting you to and from a place but when you have little ones buses, trains, ferries and trams are so much more than just a mode of transport. They provide opportunities to learn life skills, social skills, personal safety and so many more skills that we take for granted when out and about.

When we have a day spare at home and I ask Roland what it is he wants to do he will usually ask to go on a ferry or train. The best part of catching public transport is when going on an outing with the purpose of just catching a bus, train, ferry or tram you don’t really have to worry about what your destination will be. As long as you choose somewhere that it is easy to get a return trip home. Your little ones will be happy to just “sit and ride”. If you find somewhere that looks interesting you can jump off and know you will be able to easily get back again.

When travelling on a train or ferry it’s very easy to take the stroller as there is plenty of room, however on a bus or tram its easier to use the baby carrier with little ones. I pack up our snack boxes and water so the worry of finding somewhere to eat isn’t added to our trip and I always ensure to take hats just incase we find a fun place to play at the other end.

When catching a train our favourite stops are Cleveland, where we will have a picnic and watch the boats in the marina, or South Bank with a short walk to the riverside park and swimming spot. On the ferry we love getting off at New Farm Park, which has an amazing park that is really toddler friendly and there is a cash only coffee shop perfect for me!

In Queensland TransLink runs all our public transport and they have a really easy to use website that enables you to plan a journey should you want too, and it will also tell you what your fare will be. I’m sure if you do some googling where you live, you will find your city has something similar.

Click through and have a look at this great tool for planning your day: TransLink Journey Planner.

I would love to see some pics of your favourite cheap day out, please head to our Facebook page and share!


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